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Recovering After Mold

Bouncing back after an invasion of mold in your home can be tough. It’s difficult already to live in a house containing mold,plus it can be pricey to eliminate it, even when you don’t have to replace infrastructure. Mold is a pervasive problem that gets into small spaces throughout your home, which makes restoration tricky as soon as the mold is out of your home. Even when you’ve hired a a knowledgeable contractor to rid your home of fungus, you might not receive repairs with the same group. With Paul Davis, we perform mold restoration services to fix your home after it’s had mold treatment. Our experts understand the best way to clean out and replace anything in your home that has been touched by mold quickly and at a affordable price.

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Our Services

The experts at Paul Davis understand how to fix anything within your home. Inside and out, our crew can return your home to its normal condition. The following are only a few of the tasks we perform for homes that have been contaminated with mold.

  • Replace flooring or walls
  • Reapply Caulk
  • Clean ventilation systems
  • Fix pipes
  • Clean curtains
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      Even when you’ve removed a mold problem, your home might not feel like it did before. Contact the Angier Paul Davis professionals today for maintenance and restoration help. If you find harmful mold in your home, our emergency services are available any time to clean out mold, too. All our specialists are certified and trained in modern tools. Call Paul today!